The History of RAF Barkston Heath during WWII & Beyond (USAAF station 483)
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 1st Lt. Kenneth Zollinger

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PostSubject: 1st Lt. Kenneth Zollinger    1st Lt. Kenneth Zollinger   Icon_minitimeThu Jul 07, 2011 5:31 am

Name: Zollinger, Kenneth J.
Rank: 1st Lt
Serial # O-800802
Crew Position: Navigator
Carrier Group: 61st
Squadron: 14tcs
Plane Type: C-47
Plane serial # 43-15609
Hometown: Cook County, Illinois
Date: KIA 9/23/44
Buried: Body removed and returned to U.S.A.

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Lt Zollinger was navigator on Capt. Hagey's ill-fated 609 during the final glider mission of Market Garden. Capt. Hagey's ship was on fire and going down. He gave the bail out order and assumed the rest of the crew jumped while he was getting to the door. He found the crew standing at the door when he arrived. Lt. Zollinger was just putting on his chute at this time. Capt. Hagey took the lead and exited the burning ship followed rapidly by the rest of the crew. Lt. Zollinger was the last to exit. His chute opened but he drifted too close to the German lines to attempt a rescue. He was killed there shortly after landing.

The missing aircrew report can be viewed here: MARC

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1st Lt. Kenneth Zollinger
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